Monday, April 07, 2014

This is just sick: CTI Host Wants to "serve" student protester.

Making the rounds and causing a furor in Taiwan is this video from CTI (Taipei Times). You don't need to hear a translation to grasp that this CTI host is disgusting beyond belief. It will give you some idea of the low standards of Taiwanese talk shows and television as well as the mindset of the pro-Blue side; this station is rabidly pro-Blue. The young lady in the video, Andrew of Taiwan in Cycles informs me, is the daughter of a Blue city councilor who is a community worker, philanthropist, and single mother.

The whole 12 minutes of this garbage is here. The host also tries to claim other protesters are having sex right in the LY, in each case the reality is nothing like that. Unable to present a convincing case for the services trade pact or show how the students are wrong, the KMT can only launch garbage attacks like this one.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, forgot this one. KMT legislator Tsai Cheng-yuan presented doctored photos to make it seem like the students in the LY are sexually misbehaving. The shot of the women is not from the protest.
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les said...

Another case of media smear tactics...

STOP Ma said...

It would seem the KMT is as sexually repressed as the Republican party in the US.

Anonymous said...

In other news, the government is sending out officials to do campus propaganda work. NCCU and NTPU hosted events last week, and other campuses get visits this week (see article). Our school hosts a deputy minister from the Mainland Affairs Council tomorrow.

Katherine said...

Even worse, yet unsurprisingly, his news channel defends his disgusting comments.

"CtiTV issued a statement saying the program used only “normal” and “positive” terms to describe the woman.

“What the commentator said was all factually correct and he did not use any derogatory terms... It was then followed with terms used by men to express their admirations for the woman online,” the statement said."