Thursday, May 09, 2013

China Taiwan Data Discrepancies

And hilarity ensued (source of quote and chart above).
"Head-scratching discrepancies in bilateral data comparison persisted on both sides of the ledger," she wrote. "Compared with the data from Taiwan – the only economy besides China that has published the complete set of April data – growth of mainland exports to Taiwan was 57.7 ppt faster based on China’s data (+49.2% yoy vs. -2.7% yoy) and that of mainland’s imports from Taiwan was 58.6ppt faster (+55.7% yoy vs. -2.9% yoy)! The gaps narrowed only marginally from March."
Is the data reliable? You tell me....
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1 comment:

JerryZ said...

It sounds like money-laundering to me. By crooks too stupid to make the laundering look plausible. Or maybe they just don't care? [shaking my head!]