Friday, May 24, 2013

Asian Correspondent: Taiwan Botches It and ON VACATION

A remarkably perspicacious piece from a singular correspondent. If I do say so myself....

Also, the awesome political scientist Ketty Chen has a new blog. Enjoy.

Further enjoy this well-intentioned piece in the Washington Post taking the Administration to task for its Taiwan-blindness.

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Anonymous said...

Why the walls besides the front door, are missing their mosaic murals? Only blank cement?

Matty099 said...

Dear Mike,

This article should interest you. It details the "safe passage" agreement to the Taiwanese in the early 90's

Jenna Cody said...

Well-intentioned, and generally I agree...can't help but notice that the article doesn't mention once what *Taiwan* might want, what might be best for the *Taiwanese* people, and how 23 million or so people in Taiwan may feel. (Also, it says "island", not "country", but I can sort-of overlook that).

Mike Fagan said...

@Jenna: there's an online rumour that "Taiwan" is not actually a real person, and that "Taiwanese people" is not actually a real person either. Apparently they are something called "absurd collectivist generalizations" and reportedly have links to nationalism and racism.