Friday, May 10, 2013

Way Cool: Fuel Cell Scooters in Kenting

This is so cool, had to give it a post of its own: Fuel Cells and 7-11:
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies (APFCT) has been running a demonstration program in the city of Kenting, a popular beach resort at the southern end of Taiwan, since last November. The 80 scooters each use 2 metal hydride canisters- enough to give each of them about 80 km of range (with all of the caveats about maintaining 30 kph and no hills). Twenty are in use by the county government, with the remainder free for use by anyone who stays at 17 B&B’s. So far the fleet has logged over 200,000 km. Empty canisters can be swapped at police stations, scooter repair shops, the B&B’s and 7-Elevens. Taiwan is an ideal market, with the highest concentration of gas powered scooters – over 50 million – and the highest concentration of convenience stores in the world.
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