Sunday, May 05, 2013

Some pics in honor of no rain

Baby grasshoppers after a morning rain.

The constant rain has really been getting me down, so it was delightful to have two days with no rain falling during the daytime here in the Chung. Too tired and busy to blog today, so enjoy some pictures.... seems like a while since I did a post like this, come to think of it.

It was all light and cloud in the mountains today, but the rain never reached us. Brutally hot and humid riding weather, I felt drained after three hours in it. This was taken from Shuangchi Road which runs north out of Dongshih town, one of the area's prettier low altitude rides.

In Taiwan open areas are often claimed by used car companies, who use them to display their wares.

East of Jhuolan on an old farm road....

Durian skins heaped like the skulls of conquered enemies in a market near the train station in Taichung.

Cyclists on the Coast Highway near Dajia.

A caterpillar runs out of branch.

Oops! A recycler piles too much on his vehicle.

Some local girls stop to speak English with me in an aboriginal village north of Dongshih in Taichung.

Some local boys hanging out in that same town work on their sugar buzz.

A scarecrow.

A spider stalks a fly.

Taking a break on another lovely Taiwan day. Hope to see you on the road one of these days.
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A nanotizen said...

Durian husks? Like no one complains about the unique pungent fragrance of durian? And who deposited so a big pile of durian husks? So durian vendors? Selling durians in plastic containers or use the durian flesh for something else?