Sunday, September 23, 2012

If we had elected Tsai....

If we had elected Tsai, would the government be sending boats to the Senkakus? Would the government be annoying Japan with Ma's stupid claims that the ROC owns the Senkakus and pointless military demonstrations? Would we be making the US nervous that Taiwan might work in concert with China? What would be the focus of the government's moves, getting the economy going, or this senseless shouting at Tokyo about the Senkakus?

Stupid questions, eh?

That's right, the Senkakus are a distraction for more than one nation ruled by a Chinese ruling party....
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Anonymous said...

Ma promised peace across the Taiwan strait, no promises broken, nanana!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the DPP also claim the islands are part of Taiwan? If they're not willing to defend Taiwanese sovereignty on this point, then when?

Michael Turton said...

Yes, Chen made ritual noises when he was president that they belonged to the ROC. Does the DPP have a position on the Senkakus?

yankdownunder said...

Major anti-Japan protest held in Taiwan.

Some 70 Taiwanese fishing boats are expected to arrive in the area near the islands on Monday.

I hope the 70 Taiwanese fishing boats are like the 1000 Chinese fishing boats. If not, then JCG should ask for help from SDF and USFJ.

???A said...

Many words have been spilled about the causes either being naked resource grabbing or hegemonic brinksmanship, with both using nationalism as a convenient excuse.

But perhaps Occam's razor applies here. The main impetus and core behind such behavior is a revanchist perspective(or ideology if you prefer) that views any territorial acquisitions Japan made during its late Meiji and Imperial eras (c.1895-1945) as naked imperialist aggression, and thus forfeit in international "law" and "morality", regardless of the concept of "terra nullus" or the ambiguities (or explicitness) of later treaties.

Anonymous said...

It would make sense to me that if the Senkakus are part of the Ryukyu Islands, then Japan would possess sovereignty for the islands. But the question would be if they are.

I think best policy now is to secure fishing rights around the islands and no one settle on those tiny islands.

Yeah I agree that the fight is more about rights to waters and natural resources around the islands. Maybe just have those islands sunk and stop this useless mess out of which I don't see a happy ending.