Saturday, September 01, 2012

Malaysia Interlude: Kota Kinabalu Markets

Kenji and Jeff on Labuan Island in 2011

As you all know, I really love Malaysia and have gone there the last two years to enjoy a couple of weeks of cycling in Borneo each time. The people there are really wonderful -- friendly, outgoing, and always ready to laugh. I love the food, and the drivers are great. As a cyclist you get to go places tourists don't usually go, so you meet all kinds of interesting people. So when the good people at Tourism Malaysia contacted me and said write for us! I was totally happy to. Here is my first piece, in Chinese, on Kota Kinabalu and its markets: 亞庇的那些市場. Pictures by me too!

I'm heading back to Malaysia in January to ride the Peninsula for a couple of weeks. Would love to have you along!

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