Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Night Lites

Pomelo peels drying. They will be mashed and mixed with sugar to make a base for pomelo tea.

Han Yi-shaw in the NYTimes has produced a total propaganda column on the Senkaku mess, with highly selective use of sources and what appears to be a deliberate mistranslation. I'll take a look at it tomorrow, no time tonight. But once again, I urge the reader to consult this awesome post in Chinese with maps and texts as well as Ampontan's post Coming Attractions. Han's piece is well beyond sad, sadder still that someone as well known as Kristoff gave it his imprimatur, in the nation's major paper of record too. The US has reiterated its position that the Senkakus are under its security umbrella. Hopefully the US is speaking to Beijing and Tokyo on this. Taiwan sends a ship just to peeve the Japanese too.

Local officials in cahoots with construction firms to rip off locals? Like a broken record. Low income households on the rise in Taiwan, though the number receiving assistance remains small relative to the total population. Commonwealth has a long piece on Taiwanese firms returning from China. Every year the number increases, but remains... tiny. The article is a string of anecdotes, because that's all there is. This is one of those pieces one reads every year....
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Michael. I've also dealt with the Shaw article in a post I just put up today. Feel free to make any comments, point out any errors, or suggestions for additional points as you wish.

Anonymous said...

It's so crazy that the logic that China claims the Senkakus via it's claim on Taiwan isn't made more clear. Is Kristoff really comfortable with China's claim to Taiwan? This is getting very odd.