Monday, September 24, 2012

Daily Links, Monday, Sept 24, 2012

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Namaste said...

Is Tsai Ing-wen the de facto leader of the opposition?

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

thanks for the link. The idea of hiking right now is still totally off-putting to me - right now I never want to attempt a risky trail again.

Anonymous said...

Bowring's article says:

"China’s asserts that the Senkakus were always under Chinese jurisdiction until the Sino-Japanese treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895 when China was forced to cede Taiwan and part of Manchuria to Japan. Those territories were returned to China in 1945 and the Senkakus should have been as well..."

A bit of a gloss on Taiwan being "returned" to China, no?

Anonymous said...

Tsai is keeping a real low profile. I think it is good she is making international contacts and broadening horizons. DPP should take more of these concrete actions to back up their assertions that Taiwan should diversify its investments and economic trade.

On another note, the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Council has been changed to Overseas Chinese Affairs Council.

Yay, being labeled as Chinese again. Taiwan contains a diverse group of population, and should be more inclusive of aboriginals, recent Southeast Asian immigrants, and other immigrants in its name and policies. That's why never label a government agency as Chinese.

Also why does Taiwan give exceptional consideration and benefits to overseas Chinese students? No wonder Taiwan doesn't internationalize much. Chinese students aren't necessarily better than other foreign students. The policy should be to attract the best foreign students, not just the best "Chinese" students.