Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Little Taste of Penghu

This week I spent 36 hours in the Penghu. What a blast! I hope to make it back in a couple of weeks for some riding around the islands. I went to a bed and breakfast today and there was a cute boy playing with his dad in the lounge, so on the way I out I said: "Bye!" And he said "Bye-bye, grandfather." Luckily there are no trees in the Penghu, or else I would have hung myself immediately.

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Polishing his fishing pole down by the port in the morning.

Fish drying.

Would you be seen with your g/f if she wore these?

Makung is filled with cool, twisting alleys. Here is one by a temple wall.

The ominous clouds dissipated before his break did.

A Makung street at night.

A wall in Makung.

Under the wind machines.

One of Penghu's famous fishing weirs.

Cheryl Robbins at Erkan Village.

All day long, fishing boats go in and out.

Fish farming.

The famous four eyes well, Makung Old Street.

Ferry and fighting ship cross paths.

Tourists explore Erkan

One of Penghu's famous basalt cliffs.

Exposed at low tide.

Makung old street, a souvenir shop yawn.

Old city wall, now under repair.

Makung asleep.

Fishermen in shallow water ply their trade.

An old well in Makung town.

Souvenir shops in Makung town selling totally unique souvenirs.

Temple painting.

Walls of Erkan.

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