Friday, December 09, 2011

Radiation Hazard: The Tao People of Orchid Island Speak Out

來自蘭嶼的族人的呼喊 請大家幫忙轉貼 讓更多人知道
A Call from the Indigenous People of Orchid Island (Taiwan) 

The Tao People face imminent extinction 
Statement on radiation leaking from the Orchid Island nuclear waste site

遨遊太平洋黑潮的飛魚再次迴遊進入蘭嶼島上的美麗港灣, 領頭的黑色翅飛魚傳說,這蘭嶼島上的和善主人去了那裏? 穿著盛裝衣服的丁字褲族群為何不來迎接我們?
The flying fish, following their tour of the Kuroshio Current in the Pacific Ocean, return once again to the beautiful bay of Orchid Island (Lanyu). The black-finned flying fish leads the way, looking for the kind hosts of Orchid Island. The fish ask, "Why aren't the people who proudly wear their loincloths here to greet us?"

於是,我們在想是什麼讓他們消失呢? 有人說了答案,是核廢輻射鈷60與銫137毒素.
What could have made them disappear? Some people say that it was because they were poisoned by cesium-137 and cobalt-60 radioactive isotopes in their environment.

These radioactive isotopes, which had never before existed in the language of the flying fish, are the cause of the disappearance of the Tao people.

For 30 years the Tao people have lived with radioactive exposure from nuclear waste stored on their island, allowing this green gem of an island lying next to the Kuroshio Current of the Pacific Ocean to die by drowning in the radioactive material leaking from the nuclear waste.

The spread of radioactive isotopes, poisoning the water and the soil where the taro and sweet potatoes grow, has caused the Tao people to experience rotting skin, nervous system abnormalities and diseases and cancers of the blood and bone marrow.

我們呼喊誰可以救救我們! 救救我們美麗的小島!
We are calling out to anyone who can help us. Please save us and our beautiful island!

We send out a plea to all people of conscience to help us, to save us.

Note: We hope you are willing to send this message to President Ma Ying-jeou and presidential candidates Tsai Ying-wen and Sung Chu-yu of Taiwan. We are in desperate need of your help.

Orchid Island (Lanyu) Anti-Nuclear Self-Preservation Alliance
(Please share widely to help us get our message out and let more people know about this situation.)

REF: Taipei Times report. Video in Chinese. ICE report with chronology and history. Older but still useful backgrounder
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Anonymous said...

I remember Chen Shui-bian vowed to find a solution for the waste during his presidency... and never did.

Ma made the same pledge.

Whoever dares tackle this issue deserves credit.

Tim Maddog said...

I remember that the DPP never had a legislative majority during Chen Shui-bian's presidency and that the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) continually blocked his efforts.

I also recall that Ma Ying-jeou has had an even larger majority in the legislature since January 2008 and is still blaming Chen for his own failures.

Ma has no excuse for those failures.

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

I am a Tao people the Government lying to us, They took our people trust like a step on the foot, we will counterattack the pride of our barbaric