Thursday, December 01, 2011

Taiwan Blog Award Time

Taiwanderful is once again hosting the annual Taiwan blog awards. I am not participating so don't vote for me. There are plenty of great blogs out there on Taiwan -- my sidebar hosts what I think are interesting or important blogs, and I have a big list of them here. Haven't updated in a while, so enter at your own risk.

Taiwanderful writes:

"Taiwanderful is happy to announce the 4th annual Taiwan Best Blog Awards. The awards aim to promote English-language blogs about Taiwan. Online voting and peer-judging will decide the best blogs in each category as well as overall the overall winner of best blog.

This year the peer-judged section will continue, but anyone who has a Taiwan-related blog will be eligible to vote. Voting for the peer-judged section will take place via an online form. More details about this will be provided during the voting period. Entrants in the awards are encouraged to promote their own blogs and other Taiwan blogs they like through posts on their own blogs and by using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

This year for the first time there will be a free prizes on offer. Dreamwater Asia are offering a free float in their flotation tanks to the overall winner as well as each category winner. These floats are valued at NT$2000 each."

There's more info there about who is eligible and how to enter and vote at the link above. Go thou and vote!
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idose said...

Taiwanderful : Blog awards are a great way to promote blogging and most importantly the enthusiastic bloggers. So the name!

Chaon said...

The whole nation will start feeling shallow and pretentious?

Anonymous said...

Karl, yes, Taipei residents ought to head down south to soak up some of the betel-nut chewing "philosopher's wisdom" from the "real Taiwan". LOL!