Saturday, December 03, 2011

November Election Pics and Vids

Against a darkening sky, competing candidates' ads vie. Both signs claim that they got money for the popular hiking trails in the Ta-ken area outside Taichung.

Lots of stuff happening, from Peter Gries' survey of voters to an Economist piece which confuses its own ignorance with the situation here, to AP's piece on the crazy survey that alleges Taiwanese won't fight, which I will be extensively commenting on tonight after I put in some kilometers on the bike today in this lovely weather. Meanwhile, Ballots and Bullets has kindly hosted my November election pics. Also, Ben has a great collection of KMT and DPP campaign videos, including one from the talented blogger and filmmaker TC Lin (Poagao), a naturalized citizen of the ROC, supporting the KMT.
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Anonymous said...

The video with foreigners gives the impression that the Lonely Planet endorses the KMT.

Tommy said...

Curious to know what you think of Peter Gries' survey

les said...

Interesting Poagao now endorses KMT after appearing in a DPP ad some years ago. KMT made the better offer this time?