Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forgery or Fark-up: DPP points out further alterations in documents

When we last looked, the documents submitted by the KMT Administration for public view had certainly been altered -- a date in Chinese had been added to them. Today the Taipei Times reported that the DPP had turned up further evidence of significant alterations:
DPP spokesperson Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁) told a press conference yesterday that Liu and the KMT were suspected of not only altering the date on the document, but also erasing the marking tag of “Attachment No. 3” to cover up the fact that it was one of six attachments to that document.
The document originally carried a stamp saying it was Attachment No. 3, the third of six (TT image here). That had been whited out before the copy was made.

Let's point that out again -- a copy was made (image) and then submitted for public view. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that a copy was made to cover the alterations, which are less obvious in a copy. Covering alterations? That implies forgery.
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Anonymous said...

This really begs the question of from whom was this document obtained.

If Liu does not name a source, then she accepts the blame and MUST, legally, face prosecution.

The next question might be why she was specifically trolling for information regarding Tsai Ying-wen and on whose authority this search was conducted, and if this information mining was also done for Ma, Soong and their respective running mates.

A final question might be that since the special prosecutors claimed they had a compulsory duty to deploy their resources to investigate Tsai for the ALLEGATION... might they be doing the same for Ma with his Fubon case... including the raids of KMT offices and the offices and homes of local officials.

Taiwan Echo said...

In a report on the LT today, Liu said that she "knew something wrong" with the doc before she presented it to the KMT legislators:


Liu Yiru said, the Legislative Yuan suddenly wanted her to report the Yu Chang case. At the time there were only 2~3 colleagues. They organized the data until after 2 a.m. Although she felt something abnormal at that time, she felt bad to push colleagues to dig out the original copies for verification so she didn't push them.

That is, before she handed them over to the KMT legislators, she already knew that (1) what she had was not the original copy; (2) something wrong with the copy she had.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like President Obama's Birth Certificate fiasco! Couldn't seem to get it right.

Anonymous said...

What if it was Ma's sister Ma-Ih-Nan who was involved with Yu Chang?

Will the DPP still sing same song?

In the States Sarah Palin wouldn't even dare dream about letting her family be involved in a government business and make a profit too!