Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Japanese Era Granary in Shihgang

Today I rode by the Japanese era granary in Shihgang so I thought I'd stop in and grab a few pics of this minor historical landmark. Above is the rail bridge, now a bike trail, between Houli and Fengyuan.

The granary is located right off Route 3 in Shihgang, a stone's throw from Shihgang elementary school. There is a large new 7-11 right on the corner. It is also easy to find from the Dongfeng bike trail (there's a sign for the 7-11 on the trail).

The granary.

A plaque outside is mostly covered up, which is probably good since the English is of indifferent quality.

If you have an unquenchable thirst for old agricultural equipment, you'll enjoy the processing machinery they still have. That black device in the center is not a piece of agricultural equipment, although it does do a lot of threshing and mashing.

There's better information inside, including historical background and a flowchart of the operating procedures.

Storage rooms for grain.

Old equipment.

There's a little shop and sitting area outside.
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Anonymous said...

I hope I can go visit this place one day. I love visiting historical sites in Taiwan.