Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jrnl of Current Chinese Affairs Issue on Taiwan

From H-ASIA, a Journal of Current Chinese Affairs issue on Taiwan:


Table of contents: Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (1/2011)
From: Petra Brandt

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs

Content alert: Issue 1/2011
“Whither Taiwanization?”

Yoshihisa Amae, Jens Damm:
Introduction: “Whither Taiwanization?” State, Society and Cultural Production in the New Era

Yoshihisa Amae:
Pro-colonial or Postcolonial? Appropriation of Japanese Colonial Heritage in Present-day Taiwan

Lutgard Lams and Xavier Li-wen Liao:
Tracing “Taiwanization” Processes in Taiwanese Presidential Statements in Times of Cross-Strait Rapprochement

Jens Damm:
Taiwan’s Ethnicities and their Representation on the Internet

Tanguy Le Pesant:
Generational Change and Ethnicity among 1980s-born Taiwanese

Yin C. Chuang:
Divorcing China: The Swing from the Patrilineal Genealogy of China to the 

Matrilineal Genealogy of Taiwan in Taiwan’s National Imagination

 Jacqueline Elfick:
Class Formation and Consumption among Middle-Class Professionals in Shenzhen

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