Monday, May 02, 2011

Daily Links, May 2, 2011

What's being discussed on the blogs today?


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D said...

How could you leave out the Rob Schneider honeymoon in Taiwan item?

Jenna said...

thanks! I'm getting some good suggestions and hoping to get more - because what I think a woman should bring to Asia isn't necessarily what another woman would consider necessary.

Michael Turton said...

@D, he's after my time.

@Jenna, always a pleasure.

John Scott said...

Here's an issue I would like to see discussed by people who know the issues--

Taiwan came up in a conversation recently, and the person mentioned that they'd seen an interview on TV with a French academic economist who is teaching and doing research on a year-long fellowship at a big university in China. A journalist asked the economist about media reports of bad working condidtions and low wages, etc. in Chinese factories. The economist said something to the effect of:

"Actually, the conditions in the Chinese-run factories are not nearly as bad as people think. The really bad working conditions are in the factories in China that are run by Taiwanese companies— they force workers to live in dormitories, force them to work long hours in dangerous conditions, etc., etc..."

Is that true?

I suppose Chinese workers have the same rights to organize (and protest, strike, negotiate with management, be compensated for injuries, etc.) at foreign-run companies that they enjoy at any Chinese factory. Or, wait—maybe they don't have any of those rights anywhere at ANY factory.

My first assumption is that it is probably simply a case of "western academic flattered to be given resume-building fellowship in prestigious Chinese university becoming biased and influenced in the process" syndrome?

Or is it a case of media bias, as in "hmmm.. seems like all of the worst cases I hear about on Chinese TV regarding bad factory working conditions involve foreign companies... you don't often hear that about Chinese companies..."

Or is it a case of authorities being selective as to which companies they target for tax audits and labor board inspections? Maybe the Chinese companies have more guanxi down at city hall, and so their factories are never get inspected.

Anonymous said...

Rob Schneider is half-Asian by the way...his mother is [guess what country]?

trevor uk cornall piping in

and. that "marriage" won't last more than a few months....he married her for one thing. breasts. did you see those knockers....and she likes his money. Won't last past December.....

Trevor Marriage Counsellor UK

Anonymous said...

Re ROC Prostitution ring recruits men newly discharged from the ROC military above, this MO is a copy from Tokyo Japan yakuza thing... what Japan does, Taiwan follows..

''a prostitution ring that used love and money to lure MONEY HUNGRY GUCCI BAG LOVING LV FANS underage girls
into the business of ENJOY KOSAI prostitution. The primary ROC FEMALE culprit Li Shufen and
HER ex-husband solicited young men recently discharged from
the military, trained them to approach young MONEY HUNGRY girls under the TRIED AND TRUE TOKYO JAPAN MODUS OPERANDI of being ''talent scouts''
or members of the media, and once they have been EASILY ensnared SICNE THEY LOVE MONEY SO MUCH,
then forcing the young girls into prostitution. HARDLY FORCING THEM. THE GIRLS LIKE THIS ENJOU KOSAI.

-- Trev Cornwall UK, watching

Dixteel said...

The shift of Taiwan's naval strategy looks good. Taiwan and its surrounding environment does look more suitable for flotilla operations. Also, Taiwan's industry seems to be better suited in developing these type of war ships. Even more beneficial is the fact that you don't need a lot of man-power on this type of ship if good automation systems are implemented. Interestingly, the US navy is also developing this type of ships (LCS) for quite some time now.

However, I hope they don't do this just because it is cheaper and trendy but because they did enough study and computer simulation etc to determine that this is the best way, so they can implement the strategy and tactics properly and ensure the survivability and effectiveness of these systems.