Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Links, May 23, 2011

What's abuzz on the blogs today? And extra points if you know what moment in Taiwan history today is the anniversary of.

ADDED: Juan Cole's post toting up China's booming relations with Pakistan -- with Islamabad offering Beijing a naval base right on the Persian Gulf. Hey, how's that $1.2 trillion blown on Afghanistan working out for ya there, Washington?




Taiwan Association of University Professors is having a seminar on the White Terror. Presentations are in Chinese.
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Anonymous said...

I know 35 academics who should surely be invited.

Anonymous said...

That deal with Singapore has all the hallmarks of an orchestrated beginning to the Greater Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Anonymous said...

aah Kissinger. He's the best policy adviser ever, you just have to keep in mind to do ALWAYS the opposite of what he suggests.

D said...

Kissinger's comment on Taiwan is not quite what your link suggests. The interview is classic hard-hitting Wall Street Journal and is quite interesting:

Maybe Kissinger should be a war criminal, but what he's saying here is actually, "OK, there are lines in the sand between the US and China on Taiwan, but I am the world's greatest diplomat (ever) and I would never speak of such things in public."