Monday, May 30, 2011

Daily Links, May 30, 2011

Diorama effect on a river landscape (same scene, normal).

Very busy these last couple of days, apologies for the light blogging.  Meanwhile, what can you catch on the blogs this week?

  • Jerome's next meetup is June 11. The Speaker is Lin Feng-jeng, graduated from Department of Law, National Taiwan University. He was Chairperson of Taiwan Association for Human Rights (2000~2003), Chairman of Radio Taiwan International (2003~2006). He is currently a lawyer of Island Taiwan Law Office and serves as Executive Director of Judicial Reform Foundation (2007~). Topic: From the Hsichih Trio to Judge Law Legislation.
  • Democrats Abroad is hosting an event on.... "Tuesday, May 31st at noon -- over at Jin Shan South Road, about a block south of Xin Yi Road, at the section of the old Taihoku Prison wall near the large ChungHwa Telecom building, we will lay a wreath for the American servicemen and women who have given their lives for our country. Afterwards, we will go for lunch hosted by new DA Taiwan chair Jason Echols."
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Anonymous said...

The point in the Forbes piece that China might be treating HK as well as it does because it wants to woo Taiwan, and if Taiwan is successfully wooed, China will not play as nice with HK, is a point I had never considered before. But then, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to HK politics.


Michael Turton said...

It's long been a staple among China-Taiwan-HK political observers.

Readin said...

"Divination blocks: every time I see something like this, I kick myself for not thinking of such an easy way to part the gullible from their cash."

I sometimes wonder how much money I could make if I had no morals.

Anonymous said...

So many thoughtful, well-written, well-researched posts and then that ridiculous, misogynistic Princess Disease claptrap with its fantasy "behavorial psychology" and the author going on and on about the attractiveness of certain of his female students. I assume you included it because of its comedic value. In which case, you have an excellent sense of humor and a strong stomach.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27

Heehee hee

If you only knew. Maybe it is not the women who need psychoanalysis, but rather, the author.

Jenna said...

I read about 1/3 of the Princess Disease post figuring it might be a good springboard for my own thoughts, got that far, realized it was a steaming pile of BS and closed the window. Not even worth righteous indignation as a commenter. Not just sexist and misogynist, but also racist and very generalizing.

The Taipei kid said...

Your blog looks stunning in my iPad Flipboard app, not sure if you have seen it like that or not.

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, Taipei Kid. I appreciate that.


FOARP said...

Is the diorama effect similar to tilt-shift? It has a similar look to it.