Thursday, June 07, 2007

FAPA Appeal

The beautiful Iris Ho at FAPA passed this around last week:


Have you helped Taiwan today?

Two weeks ago, we asked you to take one minute of your time to help Taiwan by using the below link to contact your Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor the House Concurrent Resolution 136.

Over 500 emails have been sent to the Congress. Some of you even already received positive responses back from your elected officials. But 500 emails are still not enough, far from enough.

Please forward our appeal to as many friends, relatives, or co-workers as possible and ask them to take action to help Taiwan. Because the Chinese pressure has gotten bigger and louder.

Two days ago, when President Chen made his first appearance in the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC via a satellite video conference, the Chinese embassy in Washington protested strongly. The State Department caved in to the pressure and condemned the Taiwanese government after the video conference.

It is already ridiculous to us that the democratically elected leaders of Taiwan cannot visit the United States capital. And the State Department is now even angry at a satellite video appearance by President Chen?

Just how far is the U.S. government willing to kowtow to Beijing? Just when will the U.S. foreign policy stop being co-determined by the Communist Beijing government?

Congress must ACT NOW to take back our foreign policy initiative from the Chinese.

Ask your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the House Concurrent Resolution 136. After you take action, don't forget to forward the request and ask your friends and relatives to help Taiwan as well.

You can help Taiwan. You can make a difference.


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