Monday, June 04, 2007

Daily Links, June 4, 2007

That piece in Congressional Quarterly I blogged on yesterday is popping up on blogs and websites all over the place. I fired off inquiries, and after several conversations with knowledgeable people, it is looking more and more like a State Department hatchet job on a group of people they don't like. I'll keep tracking this controversy. Clearly, however you slice it, there are gaping problems with US Taiwan policy.

Meanwhile, lots of flowery prose on the blogs today...

  • Sominini ponders what it is like to be of two cultures. So does newcomer Hulihutu.

  • T-Bone goes climbing in Taiwan and feasts at altitude.

  • The Only Redhead blogs on silly Taiwan tourism commercials.

  • A Hungry Girl teaches how to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

  • Stephanie at the awesome tea blog Tea Masters blogs on Fake Formosan Oolong teas.

  • Maddog has a great post at Taiwan Matters on AmCham's biased take on the Taiwan's economy. Great post, Tim!

  • Holly takes some great pics at Fulong beach, with plenty of critters she wants some help in identifying.

  • Angry Chinese Blogger reviews Lee Teng-hui's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine to pay his respects to his older brother who was killed in the destruction of Manila. This is bound to cause a storm in China when it happens....

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