Friday, June 22, 2007

Daily Links, Friday, June 22, 2007

Lots to revere on the blogs today:
  • Karl journeys to Tainan and Kaohsiung, joy and love following in his wake.

  • Craig has a great post on the Taipei Dragon Boat races with some wonderful pics.

  • Todd goes visiting in Chunghsing Village here and here. With plenty of good pics.

  • David on Formosa comments on the Taipei Film Festival opening tomorrow.

  • Mike in Taipei comments on how the Taiwanese and the Chinese are One Big Happy Family.

  • Mark writes about Wayne of A Better Tomorrow, which used to be a fantastic photo blog, and seems to be resurrecting.

  • fili says he has a great tool for promoting the China and Taiwan blogospheres.

  • Amanda has a good post on graduation, Taiwanese style.

  • Mark Forman's Getting a Leg Up has some great podcasts and music choices.

  • Islaformosa blogs on Swarthy Foreign Criminals in the metro, and does Wii.

  • Kerim finds GDP vs. US states.

  • Laowiseass talks about the changes in Beijing.

  • nostalgiaphile on cheap hotels and great movies.

  • Brian has links to all his upcoming hypnosis shows.

  • Wulingren has a great post on Starbucks, Paul McCartney, and the future of the CD store.

  • MEDIA: Opening to China: What does China call Taiwan? Meanwhile, US-Taiwan relations: in the minuet of the US and Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian proposes without telling anyone in advance. The US immediately gets out the umbrellas: the sky is falling! Press conference is held to convey State's displeasure. The following day, MOFA announces all is right with US-Taiwan relations. And China does....nothing. Repeat until exhaustion sets in, because common sense isn't going to.

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    Anonymous said...

    Add a link regarding China:

    Jim Willie, one of the sharpest financial analysts on the internet, had this to say a week ago:

    ....The US side prefers not to notice how the impact of sudden currency upward revaluation would inflict dislocations and severe disruption in China. My guess is the US wants precisely to knock China of its newfound legs, and see it embroiled in a crisis.

    I've been thinking about this all week. Now with Bear Stern's hedge funds going through a meltdown and US talking more and more about nuking Iran (again), plus Gaza and Lebanon being flushed down the toilet and a host of other major changes going on at this moment, It makes me wonder if something is coming soon to a theater near us. (not to mention both Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan problems, the two groups that run America and are tied heavily into China's financial markets)

    I recommend anyone reading through the past 2-3 months worth of Jim Willie's articles. The blurb above is from last week's "Bond Upheavel and Confusion" article. (fyi: Death of Brenton Woods II and 4 Sheets to the Wind are a two good places to start.

    p.s. Just my luck I am heading to China tomorrow.