Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Links, June 26, 2007

Who's facing off on the blogs today?

  • Feiren has another post in Rank's series on Great Taiwan bike rides.

  • Feiren also has a great review Taiwan Matters of just how bad a pick Vincent Siew is as Ma's running mate. I think Hsieh's chances of winning have gone up.

  • Scott has another post on native speaker teachers: are we really better?

  • David goes to the Taipei Artist Village.

  • The Cogitator says Daoism is dumb. And that from a guy who believes in the Holy Trinity.

  • Islaformosa blogs on the joys of scooter driving. Or not. UPDATE: Sorry! That's an old article. Here's the new one.

  • Media Diary reviews Kan Hai de Rizi.

  • Jon Benda has an interesting use for one of my posts. Technology has made obsolete the ban on Presidential travel.

  • Patrick Cowsill blogs on colonialism and settlement in the Yilan area.

  • Sponge Bear has great pics up from his trip to Japan.

  • MEDIA: A melancholy article in the IHT about Andrew Hsia, our shadow ambassador to the UN, taking leave of that post and going to India. Brian David Phillips points to a NY High School where you can't discuss the Iraq war.


    Anonymous said...

    Whenever DPP assumed it's going to have an election easily won, it lost mesirably. It would be a failure if DPP does not win and win by an unquestionable margin in 2008.

    eighty said...

    I love it when my country makes strong correct decisions!
    The UN issue is 110% ELECTION PLOY!
    The DPP does not have 50% of votes, they need every possible trickery imployed - and the UN issue is not going to happen!