Saturday, June 02, 2007

Daily Links, June 2, 2007

Been a slow week for me, with a friend in from the US, but has anyone taken a look at Technorati since its makeover? As Kerim at Keywords noted, each time they change, they become more useless. Now they have achieved a state of almost total uselessness. Too bad.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of stuff captured in the blogs:

  • ESWN has a very interesting analysis of how a 1,000 phone bank could help a DPP candidate cheat in the primary.The alleged cheater's defense is given in a previous comment on the issue.

  • That's Impossible! notes that the prospects of a no-confidence vote in the Premier have risen since many in the DPP are tempted to call the PFP's bluff.

  • Thirsty Ghosts has an article on housewives learning to strip to spice up their marriages.

  • Josh Brown blogs on flattery -- "Wow! Your Chinese is soooooo good."

  • Feiren has an excellent commentary on Ma Ying-jeou's contemptuous dismissal of a foreign academic.

  • Rank describes yet another great bike ride.

  • Michael K. does some great shots of Jubei.

  • Why can't you speak Mandarin? The Foreigner finds out that it's in the genes.

  • David on Formosa blogs on the case of the Tree in Smangus, indigenous people vs. The Man

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