Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daily Links, June 17, 2007

What treasures are there on the blogs today?

  • Anarchy in Taiwan has a long, fantastic post on teaching kindy illegally in Taipei, on police busting kindy teachers, on the authority vs individuality clash of cultures......

  • The Fotozon Daily offers pics from different photographers around the island.

  • Todd does Tiger Mountain Trail.

  • Worst joke ever.

  • The Ministry wants you to say "Sorry, I'm a foreigner."

  • The Only Redhead comments on Andrew Leonard's piece on Taiwan's democracy and China.

  • Daniel, leaving us, gives us his Taiwan regrets.

  • A-gu notes how China is showing total contempt for its own agreements as it suppresses Hong Kong's autonomy, a point I've made before. It's one country, one system, and don't you forget it! The DPP has a made to order issue here, if only they can exploit it. He also rounds up recent court decisions and Ma's trip to Singapore.

  • MEDIA: Peter Enav has an article in WaPo on how Washington shut down our island's nuke program. Enav is still writing that China and Taiwan split in 1949, although Taiwan was part of Japan at that time. Karl finds the best headline ever: FBI tries to fight zombie hordes.

    BLOGS: The great blog initechnology finally shut down.


    Anonymous said...

    Add your letter in today's TaipeiTimes:
    Copper follows pan-blue line

    *If by chance Ma reads this one, he is sure to have a meltdown, perhaps kick all fer'ners off the island in 08 or 09 when gives the keys to the gate to Beijing. I think deep down, he hates the west.

    Sun Bin said...

    taiwan was part of japan in 1949? now that is something new :)

    Michael Turton said...

    Long time no see, Sun Bin.


    Michael Turton said...

    Sun, Japan was nominal sovereign until 1952, when the SF peace treaty took effect. China never owned Taiwan; Chiang occupied as representative of UN.


    JZ said...

    Legalistic stuff, who cares? In this world, might makes right. The Chinese have suffered injustice. Crying about it is utterly useless. Taiwan was robbed. Time to take it back.