Sunday, June 10, 2007

Daily Links, June 10, 2007

Plenty of stuff to dip into on the blogs today...

  • How the whale sharks were moved 8,000 miles from Taiwan to the US

  • Taoyuan Nights points to this interesting FT article comparing China's stock market to Taiwan's during the Bubble period here.

  • The aboriginal community of Smangus has a blog on their struggle with the authorities.

  • The Bushman scores some loot on the HSR.

  • Ni Howdy reflects on LOHAS, doritos, and engine idling in Taiwan.

  • Battlepanda gets stuck behind a Matsu procession. Nice pics.

  • The Foreigner gives some well-deserved kudos to the KMT for abolishing an intrusive and labor-intensive police responsibility.

  • Islaformosa blogs on the Asian Pecking Order.

  • Kerim blogs on the constant issue of corporal punishment in the schools, which the MOE made illegal twenty years ago, but which continues outside of Taipei. There seems to be a growing acceptance that it is wrong, but it is built into the way the System manages people, and appears to be difficult to completely eradicate.

  • Laowiseass blogs on the rain and differences between Taiwan and China.

  • nostalgiaphile on the art exhibition in Venice and Taiwan.

  • Pinyin Info notes that the MOE has released a list of Taiwanese characters

  • Poagao gives the Blue take on the loss of Costa Rica.

  • Media: Lee Teng-hui, who paid a visit to the infamous Yasukuni Shrine in Japan, had a couple of bottles containing liquids thrown at him by an engineer from China (Japanese, English Japan Today online). Apparently about 100 Taiwanese showed up at Narita to support LTH. Meanwhile Lee yanked China's chain by condemning China for criticizing the Yasukuni Shrine visits, and saying Taiwan was independent. An African newspaper report condemns President Chen for planning a visit to Malawi. Anyone have a complete copy of this WSJ article on capital flgiht and Taiwan? I'd love to blog on it.

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