Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taipei Goings on....

Jerome Keating and Linda Arrigo pass along links to stuff happening up in Taipei this weekend....


Mark Inglis, the first double amputees who successfully climbed to the top of Mount Everest, is going to deliver a speech in Taipei on May 19 (Saturday, 2:00 ~ 4:00 pm). You can reserve a seat for free at

Here’s a link of news from BBC about Mark Inglis for your preliminary reading:


On Friday, May 18, at 6:30, there is a Taiwanese documentary; don't know whether it has English subtitles [it does have subtitles - MT], but the historical footage should be good. Taiwanese youth sent to Japan in WWII to build airplanes.

Location is Wu Shan Lien Archives, Nanking E. Rd. sec. 3, No. 215, you can walk east from Nanking MRT on Brown line.

地點:吳三連台灣史料基金會 會議室(台北市南京東路3段215號10樓)
主持人:何義麟(國立台北教育大學 社教系 副教授)


On May 19 (Saturday) 3 pm, at CKS memorial, members of the "New Taiwan Party" and the "Peoples Court" will be holding a mock court trying CKS, first calling him back from the dead. When they did this in early April at the CKS cemetary in Taoyuan, the riot police mobilized about 200 troops and arrested four people, including the man playing CKS. This time they did get a permit for the activity.

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Arrested for possesion of an unregistered Peanut. Classic!