Sunday, May 06, 2007

Daily Links, May 6, 20007

Everyone's at play in the Taiwan blogs today....
  • Ralph Jennings at Thirsty Ghosts reports on the collapse of the WHO entry bid

  • FAD Dropzone, another foreign reporter in Taiwan, reports on Taiwan-Philippines trade and investment.

  • nostalgiaphile points to a hilarious Ma-Wang parody video.

  • A-gu reports on today's DPP primary, and gives links to the Frank Hsieh corruption accusations.

  • Scott Sommers points to this new blog Gary EFL Taiwan, who opened with a gigantic essay on feminism and EFL in Taiwan. Gary has links to Taiwan EFL news and some nice pics on the sidebar! Welcome to the Taiwan blogosphere!

  • Pinyin News blogs on Taipei's gray and white bus stop signs.

  • The Bushman hangs out with Andres the excellent photoblogger in Taipei. Don't miss the tale at the end of the bus backing up on the highway....

  • The Foreigner blogs on the China Post's comments on the UN entry campaign.

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