Thursday, May 10, 2007

Daily Links, May 10, 2007

Had a great time in Tainan the other day. Meanwhile there's plenty of stuff hiding away in the blogs....

  • Craig Ferguson the photographer, has opened a blog at Craig Ferguson Images. Don't miss his collection of stuff from the recent Matzu Festival in Dajia.

  • Global Voices Online collects some stuff on the Olympic Torch relay, and points out that the torch began as an entirely political act, invented by the Nazis for the 1936 Olympics. And we here in Czechoslovakia Taiwan are just reliving history.

  • China Confidential claims Taiwan independence is a dying dream. ROFL.

  • NPR on body image among Taiwanese males -- not as dissatisfied as western men.

  • Ruminations of an aging Taiwanese neophyte by the Only Redhead. Why should a neophyte blog?

  • A-gu, always good, finds this article from a pro-CCP Hong Kong paper from a few months back that expresses worries about splits in the Blues (Chinese).

  • Jerome has an announcement about a new English-language Taiwan studies MA program at Chang Jung Christian College outside of Tainan. Looks like my buddy Jeff who teaches there really put together a good one.

  • David blogs on the new tilt trains in Taroko.
  • Media: John Tkacik has another hard-hitting piece on the Taiwan/China situation in the Washington Times.

    Don't Forget: The Meet-up is at The Shannon on Tunhua N. Rd. across from the Coliseum on May 12. Three breakfast choices!

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