Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Highway 11 Website Up!

My friend Ryan and his lovely wife Iris announce that the new website for their magazine Highway 11, which specializes in East Coast topics, is up and running. The online version offers coupons, articles, and other useful stuff:


Hello All!

Check this out:


For those who don't know, Highway 11 Magazine is Taiwan's first East
Coast bilingual monthly magazine covering art, culture, music,
environmental issues and other topics related to the East Coast of
Taiwan. The magazine itself is almost two years old but we have
finally gotten our website up and running.

For those who DO know who we are, well, here we are... again....

It's still brand spanking new and needs a ton of work. Comments,
observations and criticisms are all welcome. I'm not a web designer so
this has been a bit trying.

Anyone who is running a website or blog or anything online and feels
inclined to link us, that would be fantastic. If you want to exchange
links, email me and we'll work it all out.

For those interested in subscribing to the print edition, email me
directly and I'll let you know how it's done.

Thanks for your support.



Looks great, guys, but needs more spider pictures. :)


Ryan said...

Thanks Michael!

Anonymous said...

Michael, fix the link, otherwise you're not helping them either with direct links or the Google ranking.

Michael Turton said...

Done. Thanks. That was the link they gave me.