Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daily Links, May 23

Fresh stuff on the blogs today.

  • A Raven Crows finds a rather one-sided article from a Swiss anthropologist on modern Taiwan.

  • Veg restaurants in Taipei, blogged on by a group travel blog.

  • Dos Centavos fumes over Arthur Waldron's piece in the Taipei Times the other day.

  • Anarchy in Taiwan blogs on Johnny Neihu's great column on S.H.E.

  • Todd is in Matsu posting lovely pics.

  • ESWN blogs on the DPP councilman who threw feces on another Tainan city councilor. Grow up, children. ESWN also gives the pro-Blue take on the spat on naming in Taiwan. Spats over identity and meaning are normal in democratic countries, and public wrangling over social issues is in fact something that China could use a good dose of. Only idiots like Ma Lik think that democracy means everyone should be on the same page.

  • Jerome reminds us of the corpse found in City Hall a year ago, which is like a metaphor.....

  • It's the 50th anniversary of the attack on the US embassy here. Initechnology alerts me to an old post of his on the topic.


    Eli said...

    I liked your letter in the Taipei Times. Read it this morning.

    Michael Turton said...

    Thanks -- several people sent me letters they had written, so if TT doesn't publish more -- and they are good ones! I'll publish them here.

    Anonymous said...

    What letter are u guys talking about? Couldn't find any on TT website. Can you provide link ?

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the mention Michael...
    I have no less than 8 more posts of the trip coming. I resisted the urge to make one gigantic post and split everything up by destination.