Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rhode Island Assembly Strikes a Blow for Taiwan

Appropriately somehow, the smallest state has struck a blow in favor of Taiwan's entry into the WHO.

Walaska and then-Sen. Charles J. Fogarty were part of a New England delegation that traveled there at the invitation of Taiwan’s government. Since then, Walaska said, he’s submitted this resolution each year.

This year’s version cleared the Senate on March 22, and is scheduled for consideration in the House tomorrow.


Taiwan is “one of the few democracies in that part of the world,” Walaska said about his reasons for submitting the bill. “They’re a very much industrialized, very friendly nation.”

However true that may be, Walaska admitted he’s not sure how much clout a resolution from the Rhode Island General Assembly will have in shaping the United States' position on Taiwan, never mind the position of the entire World Health Organization.

Way to go, Rhode Island!


Biomed Tim said...

That resolution didn't come for free: it required lobbying resources on Taiwan's part.

I don't know why we waste our time doing that with a state of Rhode Island. Is this better than nothing?

Anonymous said...

Each state do have two senators, that's the beauty of our consitution. I don't think it is waste of time even from a pro-blue camp...:)