Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daily Links, May 15, 2007

Massive traffic on the Taiwan blogs this week....

  • If you haven't read them yet, go over to MJ Klein's blog and read the posts on the F5F crash last week. Michael spiked 20,000 hits for those posts alone. And stay tuned, because the media feeding frenzy hasn't begun yet.

  • Taiwan Airpower has the updates from the Singapore gov't on the crash, which killed two Singaporeans on the ground.

  • Outsourcing the news. A paper in Pasadena wants a reporter based in India...

  • The hard-hitting blog Anarchy in Taiwan has an excellent post about foreigner political activity in Taiwan and its implications for your visa.

  • David on Formosa blogs on biking by local politicos.

  • The Foreigner has an excellent roundup on pieces about China and democracy in Taiwan, including a couple of essays by D. Frum.

  • IslaFormosa offers a great post on scarring after vaccinations here.

  • Taiwan Matters!: The SET TV incident, Renaming CKS Memorial Hall (hooray!), and Ma Wins a Key Ruling.

  • Jerome Keating, always a font of good stuff, offers Ma and the "leader remark," and a post on the courage of St Lucia and the cowardice of the WHO.

  • nostalgiaphile notices the new US edition of the now-defunct Taiwan Daily News, a pro-Green paper.

  • A-gu blogs on two very key issues. First, he picked up an important bit of news on the local farm and fishery associations. These positions have historically been an important conduit for KMT control at the local level. They are mostly in the hands of the pro-China side. A-gu has also developed a wonderful map of what things would look like if the districts voted in the legislative election in December of '07 as they did in the presidential previous legislative election. His analysis shows that the 11 seat advantage for the KMT built into the redistricting may be too great for the DPP to overcome.

  • More links tomorrow!

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    阿牛 said...

    Just wanted to drop a correction in Michael: it's not based on the last presidential election, but on the last legislative election. Presidential results, if I add them, will shake things up a good deal and favor the greens more. But I felt the last legislative election was still the most comparable election to use.