Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Interview of Anthony van Dyck of Forumosa

Anthony van Dyck, who has done so much for the local expat population here in terms of getting out resources, was interviewed at Expat Interviews recently.

Anthony finds that the positives of living in Taiwan far outweigh the negatives, no wonder it has been his home for so many years now. Living in a suburb of Tapei, he and his wife own and run an English buxiban. In addition, Anthony is part of a company that caters to the international community there. There is certainly more to Taiwan than meets the eye, and Anthony shows us a bit of that in his interview.

Anthony helps run Forumosa.com, Taiwanese, and other projects that bring expats together and inform them of things Taiwanese. Keep up the great work! The handsome Anthony is also interviewed at the sadly defunct What's Up in Taiwan.

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