Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why do local polls suck?

Many Taiwan watchers have commented recently on the low quality, pro-Blue nature of the local polls. I've noticed over the years, for example, that the Gallup Poll in Taiwan is apparently extremely pro-Blue. Thanks to Taipei Times columnist Johnny Neihu, as chronicled by Maddog over at Taiwan Matters, we now know why.

Dear Johnny,

I just read your piece from last Saturday titled "You love farce? Send in the clowns." Toward the end you commented on Gallup and polling results from the recent election.

Gallup did not do this work. We are the only owner of the Gallup trademark in Taiwan and in 100 other countries around the world. We had a licensee in Taiwan who used the name up until 2002 when we revoked the rights. The poll that has used our name is a counterfeit. The individual [Dr. Timothy Ting Ting-yu, 丁庭宇] or his organization does not have any rights in the trademark Gallup and any unauthorized use is infringement of our registered rights. We respectfully request a correction.

If only we could correct all those bad polls....

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