Saturday, December 30, 2006

Daily Links, New Years, 2006-7

Happy New Year! Enjoy the holiday.
  • Taiwan rescinds its plastic bag ban. Which really wasn't much of a ban.
  • Karl makes the NRA enemies list.
  • Paogao and Prince Roy find an amazing temple where Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek are deities. Here's Prince Roy's side of the story.
  • Jon Benda complains about the scheduling at his university, with FOUR makeup saturdays. In the Taiwan employer lexicon, employee means serf.
  • Mark at Doubting to Shuo gets struck by chain blogging. And nails me! Sorry, dude, there might have been something to know about me back when I still had a personal life....Richard at the Peking Duck gets tagged, and Prince Roy deflects the request.
  • David visits the Puppet Museum in Taipei and likes it.
  • Kerim on the abbreviations for Christmas and Christmas in Taiwan.
  • Patrick gets told to where to put his fingers.
  • The Blog Formerly Known as the leaky pen has been closely following the sordid tale of two Christian university Chairman who attempted to rape those in their care. An updated version gives more details, including the sad fact that the tale involved the Dean and 9 other profs taking femme students to a "teahouse". A student of mine did a presentation on teacher-student affairs in Taiwan, polled several classes, and found student approval of them running at 70% or higher. I suspect we're looking at the tip of a huge iceberg here...
  • Feli describes the great Xmas quake. Everyone blogged on it, but I liked hers.
  • Initechnology rounds up links of his own, including a couple on China and its growing world involvement. He also has a great post on the old MAAG post in Taipei. Taiwan Airpower also offers some old pics of air force past.
  • The Bala Daily has a great pair of posts on hiking near Juifen with wonderful pics and commentary. Part I and Part II. BD is a great blog and I am delighted to see them back and posting.
  • Sponge Bear brings back great pics of his walks around the local area. As always.
  • Rudolf as he should have been.
  • Jerome says focus on the 2007 legislative elections.
  • The Tainan Don blogs on one of the most odious aspects of Taiwan: noise.
  • In the category of I'm-not-making-this-up, the police chief of Calgary, Canada, actually went to China to recruit police. After that, I understand he is going to Saudi Arabia to recruit gender sensitivity trainers.
  • Holly recruits for the Vagina Monologues in Taipei.
  • Battlepanda overhears men talking about women engineers.
  • Try this Hanyu pinyin crossword from Mark at Pinyin info.
  • Anarchy in Taiwan puzzles over Chinese nationalist skinheads who wear Union Jacks.
  • The Foreigner overflows with quality stuff. Links. And this essay on irrationality and China's claims about Taiwanese independence. As I always say, all claims that the other side is irrational are attempts to gain control of the other side.
  • What's Up in Taiwan has a special interview on Orchid Island.
  • Brian makes a magazine cover -- absolutely beautiful pic.
  • The strange foreigner tries betelnut.
  • The more I hang out in Tainan, the more I like it. I can't wait to spend more time there next semester. Meanwhile Open Epistle vists Tainan and brings back pics.
  • POLITICS: Remember the woman who set up Grand Justice Cheng Chung-mo for Apple Daily? Several papers have reported she is now embroiled in another scandal, this time attempting to curse some of her colleagues.

    Taiwan Matters, the group politics blog, is coming up on a major remake for the new year when the semester is over We're always looking for more posters. Meanwhile, enjoy maddog blogging on a pro-DPP radio station calling for the punishment of DPPers suffering from Joe Lieberman Syndrome. I've got a discussion of why the case against Dr. Hsieh is just another attack by Blues on Greens. And my very favorite post of all: on the island of fakes, even the Gallup Poll is fake. As a friend of mine sardonically put it the other day, in Taiwan, you're not wrong until you're caught.

    BLOGS: Bloggence, Cunning, Exile is now gone. Thanks for the great posts, man. But life also giveth: Suitcasing is back. ADDED to the roll:

    Congrats to the Lost Spaceman, who married the girl from Popcorn and Green Tea.


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    Sorry! I'll try to be less comprehensive next time. I think it might be better to do it in small doses, eh? But I love to include as many people as possible.


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