Sunday, December 10, 2006

Market Day Pics

Skies are blue in Taiwan!

There's a construction project down the road from me. Makes for cool pictures.

Campus at night.

Yesterday at the train station a model and photographers were hard at work.

Waiting for breakfast.

Mormons stage skits in front of a local department store.

Market day, Taichung county.

Bags of soybean milk.

The market is one big impromptu still life.

Fixing the car? No, looking for the snake they found in it.

Can't find it? We'll just blow the snake out with an air compressor...


Anonymous said...

Damn I miss Taiwan, I wanna go back :(

-CSU Student

Anonymous said...

More great photos. The one of the train is brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lot of nice photos! I started my blog since I arrived Taipei in this September. I would applicate it if you add my blog to your links.

Anonymous said...

Blue skies with a brown cloud (I used to live in the Denver area).

The food looks good, though I wonder about meat hanging in the open. I suppose if it's cooked, it might be okay. I'm starting to get hungry.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful collection of photos. Awesome.


porkbarrel said...

Oh man, am I hungry!

Anonymous said...

Michael, i need to go down to Taichung for a weekend photo junket with you! i haven't done that in ages.... excellent work, per usual!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous collection of photographs. Thanks for sharing them.

Michael Turton said...

Thanks guys!

Anytime, MJ! Just shop up at my door.


Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual.

ANA大大 said...

I Love it!
I am a student graduated at 2006, I study in CYUT for 5 years.
These photos make me a lot of memories back, Thank you very much!