Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hungry Girl's Guide

Looking for places to chow down in Taipei? Stumbled across this blog today that focuses on restaurants in Taipei: a hungry girl's guide to Taipei. Here's a sample from a recent post:

Mr. Paco might sound like a dive that serves Mexican food, but actually it's a quaint comfortable restaurant that serves Italian fare such as pizza, risotto, pasta, salads and desserts. My friend works near here and raved about it to me more than once. After a long day, we thought we'd have an early dinner around 5:30pm or so. The space was really cute and bisto-ish, with burnt orange walls and candles on each table that would be great for a romantic date or a lively dinner out with friends and family. It was unusually quiet because we were there off-peak- she said it's sometimes hard to get a table during their rush hours.

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Anonymous said...

hi Michael,

thanks for the mention and the link! looking forward to hearing from you about what places you'd recommend!