Sunday, December 31, 2006

Just Some Random Pics

Fiona, one of my students.

It's the New Year. I ain't blogging. Enjoy some pics I had lying around.

Catch the recycler pushing her cart across the yellow line.

Metal forms for construction.

Happy New Years!


Anonymous said...

What are you shooting with these days Michael? I found this review interesting.

Compare though with this where they love the Pentax K10D but suggest shooting in RAW mode then sharpening/compressing on a computer.

Michael Turton said...

An Olympus C-770 prosumer camera. I'm going to buy myself a Fuji S5600 next month, as the Olympus is inferior to the old Fuji S5000 I had in every aspect of shooting important to me save picture quality.

I'm staying prosumer at the moment. After I finish the PHD I'm getting myself a Nikon D80.


Anonymous said...


I was searching for some illustrations images on google and jus happen a photo from this blog appeared~~~

I've read it and i think its really very informative and it touched on some rural parts of Taiwan.

Most of the infomative sites like yours i've went to were in Traditional Chinese which i'm really sucked at.

Thank GOD i bumped into one which is in English~~~

Keep up the good work, its really wonderful!