Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tonight's Quake: a doozy

Image courtesy of USGS by way of Schee

Schee.info, run by one of Taiwan's best known bloggers, Schee (Yam.com's former blog manager) has the lowdown on the quake:

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Anonymous said...

By strange coincidence, I was in Tainan a few days ago having dinner at a small Japanese resturant. Sitting at the table next to me was the Mayor of Tainan, Hsu Tain-tsai. When the quakes hit, I was talking with him and his wife. Actually, he seemed to be an very cool guy, easy going, very respectful. He gave me his card and I gave him my web address.!

The quakes were huge in Tainan. Kind of like an up and down movement. I notice in the newspaper the next day (I think Liberty Times) there was a small photo of a guy that was crushed in a grotesque situation. A slab of concrete fell on him and he got pancaked, doubled over. You could feel his pain in the photo. Prety sad really. It makes you think about fate and earthquakes. (being in the wrong place at the wrong time).