Sunday, December 17, 2006

Daily Links, Dec 17, 2006

Just sittin' around? Here's some reading for edification and entertainment.
  • Scott Sommers is threatened with legal action. Next time, try a polite letter, Mr. Lawyer.
  • Wulingren has a pointer to a piece from Atrios on swing voters. I've been wondering whether we actually have such animals in Taiwan.
  • A bunch of stuff over at Taiwan Matters! Maddog blogs on Chinese propaganda and KMT brainwashing. I reflection on the recent elections. Jerome Keating's article on Linda Arrigo and James Soong is up there.
  • Prince Roy blogs on the mystery of cabbage. Language sleuths will enjoy...
  • Mark Wilbur discusses his plans for now. Go, Mark!
  • Shinmin Junior High has jobs.
  • Patrick discusses how his grandpa bombed Kaohsiung in WWII.
  • I linked below, but again, Keywords tells you how to use the English train ticketing system.
  • Poagao complains that the DPP won the Kaohsiung election by cheating. Poagao's update is behind; the man behind the vote buying, one Yang, has fled the country. Criminals fleeing the country while wanted? That just never happens in Taiwan. But don't miss Poagao's election pics; he's an extremely talented photographer.
  • David cycles Tucheng.
  • Wild at Heart essays on environmental diplomacy.
  • initechnology, a great blog that is getting some fantastic play in the local press, has more old pics of Taiwan up every day.
  • Sponge Bear ventures up trail 4 in Takeng.
  • Todd has great pics of the Nantou flower show.
  • The Don visits Tokyo.
  • Pinyin Info has two great posts on characters. One looks at common "mistakes," the other simplified characters.
  • Battlepanda has interesting list of fun studies.
  • Someday I will do the Philippines with Anarchy in Taiwan. Fantastic post, fantastic pics.
  • Taiwan has it all: Turkey flavored Doritos, logged by the Taipei Kid.
  • Tea Masters is visited by an overseas reader. What a great experience!
  • ESWN posts on media extortion in Taiwan. A common problem, one I've seen many times in many ways.
  • Shop til ya drop! Christmas is only 8 days away.

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