Friday, September 30, 2005

WARNING: Visa Scam

I meant to blog on this last week...

My son's ARC came up for renewal, so we applied at the foreign police station in Fengyuan (pic above). The following day we got a phone call. I answered the phone. Immediately the man, who knew my son's name and knew he was a foreigner, started firing off questions. For some bizarre reason he thought my wife was the foreigner, and kept trying to ascertain whether she was or not. My wife, listening to me, grabbed the phone and went through the same conversation. The man claimed he was calling from a "branch" of the foreign police. My wife politely told him that we had already processed the matter, and hung up.

The dude was a scammer out to get $$ from foreign spouses of locals. When you deal with these people, be polite, and then get them off the phone. Remember, they work for an organized crime gang connected to the local authorities (in this probably the county government, my wife surmised) and they have your name and address. If you peeve them, they might get revenge.

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