Sunday, September 18, 2005

F4: A Bust

Loyal readers know that this blog focuses on important issues such as naked pictures of Ma Ying-jeou's buttocks, Betel Nut Girls, and F4, the girl group currently wowing the media with Mammaries of Unusual Size, all profiled in our last blog round up (I apologize for the random outbreaks of public policy posting). Sadly, Taiwan News reports that F4 is going bust, thanks to the First Lady...

A four-member female group, known for their big breasts and voluptuous figures, have complained about sliding income after first lady Wu Shu-chen (吳淑珍) branded them as the source of social chaos.

Huang Hsiao-lung, agent for the F4 group, told reporters Friday a firm phoned to cancel an appearance invitation the day after Wu urged the media to quit sensational reporting and singled out the group as the source of social disorder.

Babes with F cups are rare enough in Taiwan that they ought to be on some kind of Endangered Species List. But even worse, a Singapore paper has busted some of the girls for Not Being As Advertized:

Answering speculation over the authenticity of the girls breasts, a Singapore newspaper last week reported that silicone was not in use. However they added that two of the girls may have to be replaced as one of the women has gone onto a G-cup, while the other has downsized to a B-cup. The manager reportedly refuses to discuss details about their replacements, saying that only women with F-cups will remain in the outfit.

Oh, well, now that we know at least one is only a B-cup, social order in Taiwan should improve immediately, right First Lady?

For purely informational purposes, Japanundit provides a pic. Ampotan sums up the singing sensation nicely in the comments:

Those Taiwanese girls are cute, but I'm reminded of the guy who said that if he wanted to play with a couple thousand dollars worth of silicon, he'd rather buy a new computer.