Thursday, September 01, 2005

Talim Hits Our Town

Living in Taichung and protected from storms by the wall of 3,000m high mountains that forms the backbone of Taiwan's central mountain range, we seldom see serious damage from typhoons, except for flooding. Fortunately for us, this seems to be the case with Talim as well. I went out for newspapers this morning in a driving rain and strong winds, and took a few pictures. Most of the damage appears to be signs blown over, downed trees, and similar. While the rain falls, the rivers do not appear to be very high here, and I did not see even isolated incidents of local flooding.

A tree leans dangerously over our backyard.

Our neighbor's carport roof, blown away.

Downed cables.

Pallets flung about like toys.

A common sight after a typhoon: construction fencens demolished.

The river was not up very high, indicating that while the rain fell hard, it did not fall in large amounts.

A tree blocks a local road.

Clean-up crews out in force.

Clean-up crews out in force.

An advertizing truck comes to a richly-deserved end thanks to Talim. Not just ugly, they often advertize illegal or gray-market services, and turn corners into blind turns.

A local road blocked by down trees.

Our neighborhood.

Talim is still venting his anger on our poor island, so stay tuned. And he's nothing compared to Katrina. Please give to the American Red Cross.

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Mickey said...

Stay safe, all of you!:)