Saturday, September 03, 2005

Talim lingers...

las, Taiwan is still wrestling with the problem of flooding from Talim, as Taiwan News reports:

Taiwan's armed forces yesterday joined city and county governments in cleaning and rebuilding areas devastated by Typhoon Talim that battered the island with strong winds and torrential rains two days ago.

Flooding remains a big problem for many places in central and southern Taiwan, particularly in Tainan and Yunlin counties. The prices of vegetables soared so high that the government was forced to announce a cut of tariffs on imported vegetables.

Tainan County Magistrate Chiu Huan-chih urged the Central Government to allocate a special budget to build higher banks along major rivers in the county to resolve the problem of flooding that had occurred in low-lying areas during recent typhoons.

Would higher banks solve the problem, or just export it downstream, worsening it? Taiwan's flood management systems are in need of a serious revamping....

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