Monday, September 05, 2005

Cleaning Up After Talim

Our backyard after Talim.

alim left our house in a mess, and yesterday we finally had a chance to go out and straighten it up with the help of swarms of volunteers from the Buddhist charitable foundation that owns many houses in the neighborhood. The houses behind us and on either side are owned by them, so they came in yesterday to remove the debris from the pine tree that had fallen in our yard.

"Cry 'Quiet!' and leash the dogs so bored."

We got our mutts all in row to prevent them from savaging the charity's volunteers with requests to play, and then proceeded to tidy up.

The kids mop the porch.

Intelligent design failure.

The large pine tree behind our house, which a friend informed me is a Norfolk Pine, came apart during the storm. It had begun leaning several typhoons ago, and my wife and I had talked to the local charity admins about getting it taken down. We feared that it would come down on our house in the next typhoon. Luckily, the top broke off, twice, ending the possibility of it actually reaching the house. Apparently these trees are popular with local developers, as they grow fast and look nice. But they provide little shade, and seem to be made of cardboard. In the pic above, a workman is clearing the branches off the bottom of the tree by the simple expedient of breaking them off by hand. No wonder our yard was littered with them!

A beautiful visitor stopped by for lunch.

As always, a bonus critter.

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