Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Senkaku Mess Reaches Boiling Point?

There is nothing to say because there is so much to say ....events spinning out of control? Or will two powerful nations spike this rush to stupidity? Read this. China with hundreds of fishing boats heading for Senkakus. Seaborne militia vessels already encroaching on Japanese waters. Japanese right-wingers land on Senkakus. Japan will not "sit idly by" -- strong language, a warning out of history.

Of course, tomorrow our government agencies here on The Beautiful Isle will announce they are monitoring it and on top of it, as my man Ben just pointed out to me. Spectators. Ma's policy of using the Senkakus to irritate relations between Japan and Taiwan and the US and Taiwan is now exposed, as is Taiwan's military and diplomatic weakness... What will Taipei dither do next?

The fishing boats are brilliant -- can Japan attack them and trigger the US defense treaty? Tricky situation.....
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Mr. Wawa said...

well Japan can't really open fire on the Chinese fishing boat, they have to arrest them one at a time...

Anonymous said...

Senkaku Mess Reaches Boiling Point?

Senkaku Mess Reaches Peeking Point!

The Chinese don't have the stomach to boil it.

Readin said...

Of topic, but..
A few days ago you linked to an article about an attempt by the Chinese to get a privately owned mural in America removed.

Some weeks ago you linked to a travel blog by Jay Nordlinger of the National Review.

Well, I emailed Mr. Nordlinger about the mural. His "Impromptus" this week features it prominently, and he has quite a few other things to say about China (not much about Taiwan though).

He may have seen or heard about the mural somewhere else, but I would like to imagine it was my (and Michaal Turton's) doing. Anyway, the article/blog is here: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/321120/mural-oregon-c-jay-nordlinger

Michael Turton said...

Thanks! I think it is great that it got so much play in the media. I doubt Nordlinger got it from me, though.