Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chen Found Guilty Again

How do like that anti-corruption rally the KMT has slated for Nov 21 for Taipei, that city where the higher levels of the KMT administration's officialdom have been eviscerated by charges of....what was it? Oh yeah. Corruption.

I was going to write another long blog post on the Chen trial situation. Former President Chen was convicted of taking bribes in connection with the Diana Chen case and the Longtan land case. And I was going to say a few things about the record speed with which the trial of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu for neglect of duties was commenced the other day -- incredibly fast and what a coincidence, just in time for the election. The irony of trying Chen Chu for absurd crime of taking a nap during a typhoon compared to the lack of trials for the KMT government's monumental failure in Morkat would not have been ignored either. Wanted to toss in a few pithy comments intertwined with the promise from Ma's inaugural speech not to interfere with the judiciary.

But then a friend posted this link to the KMT news org's press release with a threat to sue Formosa TV's Boss Talk for discussing President Ma's recent comments and the independence of the judiciary.

My, there's a chill in the air today.
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Dixteel said...

The one from Asia Time is an excellent warning. It shows very clearly that indeed KMT and Ma has became the new channel of Beijin to block military purchases. I hope leaders in Taiwan and the US really take note of this.

After working so hard and long to reach a deal, now Ma just said he cannot pay for them? And then spend billions on swimming pools and useless fireworks in Taipei? Seriously, WTF. This is truly traitorous to both Taiwan and the US.

Michael Turton said...

I am very afraid it is what many in the US want.

Anonymous said...

I think many in the US just want the "problem" to go away.

Anonymous said...

BRRRRR! sounds like I'm leaving this rock at about the right time...

jerome in vals said...

"....the lack of trials for the KMT government's monumental failure in Morkat..."

No worries there, Michael.

Everybody remembers an arrogant and annoyed Ma telling off a grieving victim on location.

Everybody remembers how, in front of the foreign press corps, he chided the locals for having failed to heed weather reports ans safety warnings.

For these monumental lapses, Ma has already and swiftly been tried by his legal handlers in Washington.

1) CNN reports refered to Ma an "this man".

2) Despite Ma's "thanks-but-no-thanks" to early US rescue offer, US military transports, loaded with rescue items, landed at Kaohsiung and Tainan, unencumbered by Chinese Taipei's authorization process.

Larkey Ma has been unceremoniously reminded who's still boss on Taiwan.

Larkey Ma has already been tried by his remote hierarchy in Washington.

And this has not gone unnoticed by sagacious Formosans endowed with a long, long memory.

After 2012, Tucheng will hopefully become a busy retirement destination.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Lee Teng Hui who predicted recently that the KMT would play dirty right before the election?