Sunday, April 30, 2017

Madhav Nalapat on Taiwan issues....

I don't have time to blog today, but an Indian academic, Prof. Madhav Nalapat, who recently visited Taiwan put his thoughts on the web....

The Taiwan Effect On Sinic Civilisation
[Keynote address delivered by Prof. Madhav Nalapat at the Bangalore University Conference on “Taiwan in the 21st Century" on April 25th, 2008.]

Taiwan’s Centrality in Asian Geopolitics
[This paper was presented at the “2014 International Conference on New Asian Dynamics and the Role of Taiwan” organised by the Taiwan Brain Trust at The Westin Taipei, Taipei on 6 December, 2014.]

Mindwar vs. Bodywar: The cases of India, Pakistan, China and Taiwan
[An abridged version of this paper was presented at the "International Conference on Converting Confrontation into Cooperation: In Search of Working Peace across the Taiwan Strait", held at Ambassador Hotel, Taipei on December 9, 2003.]
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an angry taiwanese said...

“Another corollary which needs attention is the relative neglect of the English language in Taiwan. A 21st century Anglo-sphere would include not only the Churchillian model of “white” countries but also India, certainly Singapore and hopefully in the future, Taiwan, should Taipei abandon its obsessive focus with a single regional language and embrace the international link language as enthusiastically as its interests mandate.“ (Madhav Nalapat)

Taiwan has not neglected English. It's just that ESL is mysteriously difficult.