Sunday, April 09, 2017

Kampazan classroom... and Fengyuan school

This image was making the rounds today. It is of the village of Kampanzan, an Atayal village in northern Taiwan, taken in 1920 for National Geographic.

This reminded me of an image I took today on the way home. This is the old Japanese schoolhouse just off the 3 in Fengyuan (Streetview), present-day Wengzi Elementary School (翁子國小). The original wooden roof and roof supports are still present. That's the Principal's Office on the left.
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Kaminoge said...

All those years living in Fengyuan and I no idea there was something to see at that school, and I used to go swimming every week at Diore, just down the road from it. How did you find out about the old Japanese schoolhouse there? Now I'll have something to do the next time I'm in town visiting the in-laws.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese schoolhouse of Wengzi Elementary School reminds me of my elementary school days. Our schoolhouses looked like that, just the whole houses were wooden. Unfortunately, they are gone now; replaced by ugly concrete catastrophes, typical works of the KMT affiliated constructors.